Woopra Live Web Analytics in Action

I’ve been a beta (actually even pre-alpha :P) user of Woopra for a while (one of the first, if not the first), so it’s now time to pay my dues by posting a video about it, the video was made with intent to be modified (some editing and adding step by step explanation) and placed on the Woopra demo page but due to lack of time it stayed as scrap and in the meanwhile newer version of Woopra got released and therefore I decided to post it before it becomes totally useless :P

If you haven’t heard of Woopra yet, “Woopra provides real-time stats delivered via a revolutionary client-server application, and includes unique features such as the ability to identify and chat real time with visitors to the monitored site. The beta version of Woopra was quietly unveiled to a select audience of 200 at WordCamp Dallas, but news rapidly spread to over 2 million as buzz began to grow.”

Enjoy! :)

For those interested in an invite to Woopra, I have a small challenge, download the high quality video from Vimeo (on the videos page) and edit it. The best edit will receive an invite!

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